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Scan, store and sign your documents anywhere with ease

Try it now, and sign documents on the go!

Me-Scan is the free app that makes it easy to store, fill and sign forms without any hassle. You can take a picture of a paper form, fill it out, sign it using a personal signature and send it from your phone or tablet device.

Easy scanning and upload

Me-Scan allows you to scan a paper form using the camera in your device or upload a file from your storage or e-mail. Fill it out with by clicking and inserting texts or signatures in the form fields.

Sign it your own way

Create your own personalized signature and insert it with ease

Quickly scan and sign documents on the run - e-mail them immediately to others. 

Save time by becoming more efficient


No need for printing or faxing documents. A complete digital solution.

Save the environment by eliminating paper waste


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